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Elizabeth A. McClintock of the McClintock Law Firm is a renowned Colorado Springs criminal lawyer and specialist in post-conviction criminal appeals. Attorney McClintock’s lengthy legal resume as a criminal defense lawyer includes work on a number of high profile cases, and she has personally assisted many Colorado Springs area residents in recovering workers comp benefits.

Notable criminal law cases handled by McClintock Law that have been intensely covered by national media include:

The infamous “Make My Day” criminal defense law case in which Gary Lee Hill was accused by prosecutors of murder. Attorney McClintock’s defense strategy and courtroom presence convinced a Colorado Springs jury to the factual conclusion that Mr. Hill’s actions that day fell under Colorado state statute that allowed use of deadly force while defending one’s self in their own home.

This case was heavily covered by local and national media.

The “Evil Twin” criminal law case in which a combat decorated Army soldier in Colorado Springs was accused of multiple serious felonies through forensic DNA matching and attributed those crimes as being perpetrated by his identical twin brother.

This case generated intense worldwide media attention and was featured in People magazine and featured Elizabeth McClintock’s superb criminal defense skills to a national audience.

Effective Criminal Defense Starts Here

McClintock Law Firm, LLC stands ready to protect you, your family, and your future from the devastating impact that a criminal conviction could bring. And if you have a prior criminal conviction that you feel is unjust and would like to have overturned, Ms. McClintock is an exceptional Colorado Springs appellate attorney and can assist you in that area as well.

Challenging criminal law cases require an outstanding criminal defense lawyer – one that thoroughly evaluate all aspects of the evidence brought against you in order to formulate the most effective defense against your criminal charge. The importance of an aggressive and thorough defense cannot be overemphasized. Remember that all criminal cases carry the possibility of your incarceration if your defense lawyer is not up to the task.

It’s the attention to detail and thorough preparedness at trial that sets attorney McClintock apart from typical defense lawyers who rarely take a case in front of a jury. Our proven record of success as trial attorneys representing clients in difficult murder, sex assault, and many other serious felony cases is impressive in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. Our many trial victories have earned us a reputation with prosecuting attorneys’ as a formidable defense attorneys who will show up at court completely prepared and ready to defend our clients.

Most cases are won or lost on the attention to detail your defense attorney applies to your case. You must retain a lawyer with the experience and skills to completely investigate all of the facts in your case.

We combine proven and effective legal defenses with a tenacity for the truth at every level of your case. The cold hard reality of the criminal justice system is that it is a numbers game. Prosecuting attorneys and law enforcement agents are all graded on the number of arrests made and convictions obtained. This approach to law enforcement has a distinct “charge them now & let them prove their innocence” feel to it and in many cases is exactly what happens. Add to that scenario improper police procedures, an unfamiliarity with your constitutional rights or the charges that you face, and the fact that police routinely lie to you to get you to give them information that will be used to arrest and prosecute you, and you can find yourself in a serious legal situation fast.

Elizabeth McClintock will order her investigators to carefully check all aspects of your arrest, including possible misconduct by police, potential flaws in the prosecution’s case, and the possibility and motivations behind false accusations to build a customized defense strategy that will give you the chance of obtaining the best possible outcome against any Colorado felony or misdemeanor charge.

In Criminal Law – The Details Matter

We provide all clients with the type of defense preparation not likely to be found with other Colorado criminal lawyers who have very little courtroom experience presenting a defense to a jury. The kind of effective and aggressive defense that only comes from the experience acquired through hundreds of high-stake jury trials representing clients accused of the most serious felonies in Colorado. Criminal cases that have the added pressure and scrutiny of intense local and national media. You need an attorney that will not give in to prosecutors demands for an unfair settlement or plea bargain, but instead has proven time and again that she can successfully defend her clients against the most serious crimes under intense pressure in front of a jury.

A criminal conviction of any type carries enormous ramifications. Your freedom, job, family and future are all at stake. If you are being investigated for a crime in Colorado, do not attempt to convince the police of your innocence – they won’t believe you and you will only make your situation worse. Be polite, but respectfully decline to assist them with their investigation without the benefit of having your attorney present during their questioning.

If you are arrested, the only phrase you should speak is: “I want a lawyer.”

When your request is granted, call (719) 375-0112 immediately to speak to a Colorado Springs criminal defense lawyer that get’s results – Elizabeth A. McClintock.

McClintock Law offers the exemplary legal assistance required to protect your freedom, civil rights and future against any criminal charge in Colorado.

For experienced help with any matter relating to criminal charges, post conviction criminal appeals, or worker’s compensation issues, please contact our office for a complementary case review today at (719) 375-0112.

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