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McClintock Law Firm, LLC

Founded in February 2015, McClintock Law Firm, LLC is a highly specialized appellate law firm focusing exclusively on Colorado criminal appeal cases.

On occasions during her years as a Deputy District Attorney in Colorado’s Fourth Judicial District and later as a nationally renowned trial attorney in Colorado’s “Make My Day” and “Evil Twin” cases, Elizabeth McClintock observed how under-prepared and underqualified attorneys often failed to provide the highly effective level of representation clients deserve when facing a conviction.

One of the most-cited grounds for an appeal after an unjust criminal verdict is “Ineffective assistance of counsel,” which means the client was convicted because the original attorney did a poor job defending the client at trial. 

During her previous partnership at McClintock & McClintock, P.C., all criminal appeals were handled in-house. Other trial attorneys in Colorado soon noted the firm’s success in appellate law and began referring clients seeking the best chance of overturning the conviction on appeal.

To consistently deliver an unparalleled level of criminal appeals representation, McClintock Law Firm, LLC was established to focus exclusively on appellate law at the Colorado Court of Appeals, U.S. Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, and Colorado Supreme Court.

If you or someone you care about has been convicted of a crime and are considering an appeal, we would welcome the opportunity to apply our appellate law expertise to your case.

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