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Colorado Springs Attorney Elizabeth A. McClintock

Elizabeth McClintock (formerly Chapman) graduated from the University of Wyoming College of Law in 1995. Shortly thereafter, she moved to Colorado and began practicing law with the Pueblo firm of Koncilja & Koncilja, P.C. During that time, Ms. McClintock’s practice focused primarily on plaintiff’s personal injury, worker’s compensation and social security disability litigation. Ms. McClintock took a position at the Office of the Fourth Judicial District Attorney in 1996.

During her years as a Deputy District Attorney (D.D.A.), she worked in the County, Juvenile and District Courts, litigating a range of cases from traffic violations to serious felony offenses. A significant portion of her time at the D.A.’s Office was spent prosecuting juvenile sexual offenses and direct file felony cases in the District Court.

After leaving the D.A.’s Office, Ms. McClintock joined Ted McClintock in forming the criminal defense law firm of McClintock & McClintock, P.C. As a partner in that firm for 13 years, she handled hundreds of criminal appeals and post-conviction proceedings and argued numerous cases before the Colorado Court of Appeals and the Colorado Supreme Court.


Ms. McClintock co-chaired several high profile and serious felony cases, such as the Gary Hill murder trial in which she successfully argued the “Make My Day” defense to get Mr. Hill acquitted of ALL charges, including first degree murder.


Additionally Ms. McClintock has tried several noteable felony sexual offense cases and other felony level criminal cases in recent years.

Ms. McClintock joined the McDivitt Law Firm in 2013 to supervise the workers’ compensation section of that firm. While supervising other attorneys at the firm, Ms. McClintock took dozens of claims to hearing before administrative law judges and settled several millions of dollars of client claims.

In order to focus on a small, more select group of clients and to fully use both her civil and criminal litigation, and appellate experience, Ms. McClintock formed the McClintock Law Firm, LLC, in February 2015. “The goal of this firm is to provide personalized attention for workers’ compensation and personal injury clients as well as individuals who have been accused of serious crimes. I see this practice as going forward with the intention of litigating every case where the client wants his or her day in court. I’ve demonstrated over the last 20 years that I am more than capable of taking on the difficult cases and winning them. I plan on going forward in the same manner with this new firm that is built upon how I want to practice law and take care of clients.”

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