Criminal records can pose a huge hindrance to your future as most private and government organizations will inquire on past convictions during their application process. Inquiries on criminal record made by prospective employers or other organization will normally be due to it being assessed in their decision regarding you; usually having a negative effect.

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Inquiries on your criminal record are made for varying reason by different organizations, primarily prospective employers, who may also request information regarding nature of crime. Persons who have a criminal record often times find that providing information on past convictions has an adverse effect regardless of the institution or purpose that application is being made for.

The following are common cases where an inquiry may be made of any past convictions:

Employment applications
College applications
Loan applications
Scholarships and grants

Persons qualified to work in varying sectors, for different types of jobs are often times affected in their pursuit of employment due to having a criminal record. Certain convictions also pose an added obstacle as the duties that the job entails may conflict with stigmas associated with that particular criminal conviction; for example some who was convicted of physical assault a number of years ago may not be allowed to acquire a job that involves interaction with children, despite conviction not involving children or having no similar convictions that would indicate a trend of physical violence.

Expunge Criminal Records With Help From McClintock Law Firm

Fortunately for persons who may be facing major impediment to their future prospect due to having a criminal record; the law allows for the expungement of some criminal convictions.

An expungement of criminal records serves to remove information regarding your conviction. Expunging a criminal record this will ensure that the information on a conviction will no longer be available to any public or government organization. Therefore whenever a background check is done the expunged criminal record will no longer appear and the only means by which the expunged record can be retrieved by a government official is by them first obtaining a court order allowing sealed records to be made available for a specified purpose.

Upon having your record expunged you are able to lawfully deny having ever been convicted of expunged crimes, whereas before having your criminal record expunged; when inquiries were made on past conviction a full disclosure would have been required, failing to do so you would have ran the risk of submitting a fraudulent application.

The implications of a criminal record are far reaching, future prospects are often daunted by the existence of a criminal record as it causes most attempts for further development to be scrutinized negatively and in many cases is ultimately the deciding factor for an application being denied.

The McClintock Law Firm has had years of experience practicing criminal defense law and the administrative process required for procedure such as an expungement of criminal records.

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