Bench Warrants In Colorado Explained

A bench warrant serves the purpose of instructing law enforcement officers to arrest an individual whom a judge has deemed in violation of court regulations (Usually missing a court date, or a person who has violated the terms of a traffic ticket, to appear in court without having to lay charges against them).

Therefore the primary purpose of a bench warrant is to arrest a person who had previously missed a court date so they may attempt to resolve the charges that were to be raised in court on the date missed.

Bench warrants can be resolved

Bench warrants are not issued for criminal offenses – however persons arrested on bench warrants are subject to acquiring bail. For bail amounts below $200, this can easily be paid at the clerk at the Colorado Springs municipal court. For amounts greater than $200 it may be necessary to have bond posted. The amount that bail is set as determined by the judge that had initially issued the bench warrant. In most cases of bench warrants issued for failure to appear in court a fee may be required and a date set for you to appear in court to resolve issue that you had initially failed to appear for.

Having a bench warrant issued for your apprehension does not necessarily mean you must be arrested or spend any prolonged period behind bars. The McClintock Law Firm can guide you through the process of having a bench warrant resolved with as little hassle as possible. Our attorneys have had years of experience practicing Colorado criminal law and are adept to the necessary steps for resolving a bench warrant issued against you. The McClintock Law Firm will review the legitimacy of the issuance of the warrant, how it was carried out by law enforcement, as well as helping to resolve and implications such as your driver’s license being revoked.

A proactive response reduces the effect of a Bench Warrant

When a bench warrant is issued by a judge, the municipal court in Colorado Springs sends a letter to person warrant is against to serve as notification of the warrants issuance. It is imperative that steps are taken to ratify issue immediately after being notified of warrants issuance. Contact being made with the courts to resolve issue immediately after being notified also helps to show that you are willing to co-operate and allow the law to take its course.

Promptly responding to a bench warrant notification is extremely vital. If you have been detained by officers on a bench warrant; a skilled attorney from the McClintock Law Firm will prudently guide you through this process with as little trouble as possible.

As bench warrants have no statutes of limitation, a bench warrant from the past may become a heavy burden today if steps are not taken to have it cleared up. The McClintock Law Firm will be able to guide you to a successful resolution of bench warrant.

Contact us today for a consultation if you have been notified of, suspect the existence of, or have been arrested on a bench warrant.

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