Colorado Sexual Offenses Law

Sexual offenses can be defined as; making unlawful sexual advancements towards a person that has no desire or is not permitted under the law to be sexually active. Sexual offenses range from indecent exposure to forceful penetration.

Dependent on the circumstance of the case a sexual offense may be categorized as:

Sexual abuse/assault
Solicitation or prostitution

Sexual offences are harshly punished under Colorado laws – the nature of the case will usually dictate the punishment that is warranted. The harshest penalties dispensed to convicted sex offenders is for sexual offenses that involves a child; as these cases are more disturbing and causes wide spread public outrage.

Elizabeth McClintock is an expert Colorado sex crime lawyer

Persons charged with a sexual offence are often times treated, by an unaware public, as if guilt has been established from the onset of the trial; despite a verdict not being reached in the case before the courts. McClintock Law Firm will provide you with prudent and steadfast representation and will be your fortitude against the bashing and defamation of character that persons charged with sexual offences are often prone to receiving thus ensuring that the truth is unequivocally declared, this is crucial to ensuring that a just verdict that sees your exoneration is reached.

The nature of the offense dictates the ramifications

If you have been arrested for a sexual offense it is absolutely imperative that every available step be taken to clear your name as failing to do so and being wrongfully convicted of a sexual offense will cause you to become subjugated to some of the direst consequences of all criminal offense. A conviction of a sexual offense is not only noted on your criminal record but that information will have to be made public; as sexual offenders convicted of certain types of sexual offenses are required to become registered in the sexual offenders registry.

The types of sexual offense will determine how rigid the sentence dispensed upon conviction will be as well as whether you will be required to register as a sex offender and for how long you will remain registered.

Solicitation or prostitution does not carry as harsh a penalty as other crimes deemed sexual offenses and therefore your attorney McClintock Law Firm will through utilizing expertise gained from years of practice, guide you through resolving this type of sexual offense charge with as little publicity and legal implications as is possible.

The repercussions for being convicted of a sexual offense are more stringent as well as the disdain that an offender will be subjected to. Sexual offenses are not only viewed by the public with scorn but also the justice system.

The McClintock Law Firm will review the circumstances in your case and create a formidable course of defense, we will utilize years of experience gained through representing clients on numerous types of sexual offenses. The McClintock Law Firm is aware of the common reasons why a false sexual offense allegation whether; rape, sexual abuse or sexual assault may be brought against someone and is devoted to ensuring that this catastrophic and humiliating debacle is not allowed to unjustly ruin your life. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.

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